Oorlogsmuseum Ossendrecht is a private museum, found by Jan de Jonge. Jan has been collecting souvenirs from the Second World War his whole life (Born 1943). The collecting began in and around his house in Zeeland, but also at his grandparents’ place in Brabant. Collecting has become a true passion for him. From the start, Jan has enjoyed collecting and showing others his collection. In the beginning, he did this by setting up exhibitions in places like Goes, Middelburg, Vlissingen, Dordrecht, Klundert, Eede, IJzendijke, Den Haag, Breskens, Utrecht, Westdorp, Hoogerheide and Amsterdam, but also in Belgian places like Essen and La Gleize.
















The De Jonge family lived in the village Sinoutskerke, near Goes, in a small farmhouse. After Jan quit his job as a teacher, he slowly started to build up a museum in the barn attached to the house. Together with some volunteers he worked on the museum for many years while also collecting new items. However, the barn was deteriorating, and renovation was required. Expansion and reconstruction weren’t possible then, so a new location had to be found. Photo’s of the museum in Sinoutskerke can be found in the picture album.


Jan’s in-laws lived in Ossendrecht at that time. This is where a new location for the museum was found. The building is the former Catholic Military Quarters near the Koningin Wilhelminakazerne, also called legerplaats Ossendrecht.

The rebuilding process of the museum turned out more difficult than it seemed. Jan has been spending the first years setting up the museum as he wishes. Fortunately he had help from friends and volunteers.


The construction of the museum is now finished .  In the end, the goal is not to make a mass attraction out of the museum. It is meant as a museum for selective visitors, where they get a personal and, according to us, pleasant and informative tour. Tours can be provided on request in English, German, French and Polish.


For people that would like to know more about the battle that has been raging in the area around the museum, and about the battle for Antwerpen and the Schelde, we can provide a so-called ‘Battle Tour’. During this, we visit monuments and battlefields. For more information, please visit the ‘Battle Tour’ page.


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